Messages 2020

In God’s Love you are Never Alone

July 14th, 2020

Punaluu, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am your sister and friend, I am Clare of Assisi. The poor ladies and I who became known as the Poor Clares. We wished to follow the desires of our souls, to feel that joy, that ecstasy, in the presence of God. We left the world behind and simplicity became our Order.

You know it is possible to feel alone even in a crowd, even with family, with friends when your heart is closed or not engaged. It is also possible to pray the rosary, say a mantra, have prayer beads and yet not connect with the Creator. All of these disciplines were instituted to bring souls into connection with their Creator, but I tell you if the heart is not activated and the soul engaged lifted up by God’s Love beyond the wounds, beyond the hurts, beyond the fear, and beyond the doubts the connection is not made no matter how many the years.

I see you all engaged in the world and I would wish none other for any of you because you have the secret and the Key to the Kingdom. It is to engage, to open the heart and allow God to touch your souls and receive. To be mindful of that one discipline brings so much freedom and connects you to every living being and to the Celestial Kingdom where you realize you are never alone and there is always help, always support.

We learned this from our dear brother Francis as he talked about how God took care of all His creatures and to be as the birds free, to allow God to care and comfort and provide for each ones needs, materially and more importantly, spiritually, soulfully. Knowing this truth, allowing the Love to blossom in each soul brings Faith and a deep understanding with your whole being that God is the provider, that God’s Love transforms you, heals you, awakens you into eternal life. So it is with great happiness and the gratefulness of my heart that I come to you and have the privilege of speaking as a disciple of the Master and your sister in God’s love.

May His blessings be showered upon each one of you that you may live and walk this world in Grace. God bless you. I am Clare.