Messages 2020

It is not Complicated

October 2nd, 2020

Punaluu, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

My dear kind mice I am here, Clare your sister in the Love of God. I have been with you. I wish you to consider this feeling of Love, the Presence of the Creator, and this peace that comes to your heart and your mind when your soul is lighted in the Love of God. We in the Celestial heavens live this peace, live this Love and we are so delighted to come and be with you when you pray. When you think of us, when you wonder, we come close and we come in Love.

It is not complicated or rather let me say if you believe it is complicated it can be. When you think that there are many hurdles to jump over, many doors to open, many things to learn before you are able to communicate with us, then in a sense, that will be true. Because you will explore all those avenues when you know all that is necessary is to open your heart to God who will open your soul and bring the presence of those of us who are with you now. We cannot say no. And rather than assume it is trouble for us or some kind of task, know that we are in fact overjoyed to come to you, whether it be during your busy day when you think of us, when you think of God, or even when you go off the tracks, or as they say, ‘off the rails’ and your soul calls out, we come. We give you that hug though you may not know it.

So God asks you to be open to be mindful of His Love and the help that we give freely with great joy because we love you. My dear kind mice believe this it is true. With all my love … as I sign off I will tell you that my beloved Francis will be with you should you call. May God bless you each. I am Clare of Assisi. Go in God’s love.