Messages 2020

Spiritual Laws of Prayer and Activation

May 14th, 2020

Abbotsford, B.C. Canada

Received by Maureen Cardoso

It is Keea and I am here with you. I would like to share a message that pertains to some of the Spiritual Laws that you will be discussing in the mediumship program.

It is a courageous path, the path of the soul receiving Divine Love and healing the wounds of the soul through Divine Love. Praying for this Love and asking the Father to purify your very being requires great courage. The wounds of the soul are deep and have been created through the life experiences of each individual mortal. Some of these wounds have come upon the soul prior to the birth of the individual and so it is not always clear what the depth of these wounds is, but as you choose to pray and heal through Divine Love, all of these hidden wounds shall come into your consciousness and shall be healed. Prayer for the soul with sincere longings, cravings and thirsting from your very being to be touched by the Beloved, God, the One who can nurture all of these wounds, activates a response from God. When God hears the sincerity and trueness of your longing, a response is put forth. God calls the beautiful souls, the Celestial servants to administer to the spiritual blessings of his dear children who are longing to be healed. Through these energies that come from your request there is much that unfolds in the assistance of the healing of a soul.

Your Celestial teachers have the great gift of administering to mortals and those in the lower realms of spirit. We deeply desire to do God’s Will and God’s Will is always for every one of His children to know him deeply so through the healing and the lifting off of the wounds of the soul this is possible. Your own soul is then free of the power of the dark condition that once lived there causing turmoil and pain. Now instead in that space is the True Essence of your One and only Creator.

With each soulful prayer you activate a response from God. God delegates to His Celestials, high spirits and even mortals to answer your prayers. We all can play a role in the healing gift of God’s response to your prayers.

It is a desire of the soul to know truth, to know God, love, joy, peace and the many beautiful high vibration aspects of life through the experience of the soul. Through the Grace of Divine Love coming into the soul, the desire of the soul strengthens. It desires to be able to freely express itself and so these desires continue to strengthen, to shift and to be in deep harmony with all of creation. Those things that once were desires that would have been considered a lower vibration are lifted and replaced with the grace of Love. Your entire being shifts and manifests higher experiences. As you move through your healing there will be times where some of these conditions which are being lifted from you will release with ease and quickly and then there will be times when what comes into your awareness is a deep and long held wound that has been inhibiting the light of your beautiful soul. When you experience these deep and long held wounds it requires a deeper stillness, an honest recognition and an acceptance of the scenario and the situation connected to the wound. Many wounds have been caused through those actions towards you by others, but there are also those actions that you have taken to others causing wounds whether it is consciously done or not.

There are layers to your healing and in times when you are shown the depth of a wound and the connection of your own actions upon another and you feel it would be helpful to make an amendment and an acknowledgement with that person of this wound, this will bring a fullness into the healing and this wound will then not become stuck somewhere within the body. It takes courage to acknowledge the wounds you have caused upon another, but it is a part of the fullness and completeness of the healing. Through this activation God is showing you some of your own actions that have caused your wounds and those toward others, so please make an acknowledgement to yourself owning the action related and in time coming before the other is also very helpful. You are honouring and taking responsibility for your own condition living in you. To free yourself and allow the healing and to embrace and accept is a powerful part of healing the soul.

Trust in the truths that shall be shown to you and trust in the journey that is unfolding before you by the Grace of God. When you feel a prompting honour it, because when you try to cover it up due to the pain that it may bring forward, it stifles and stagnates the journey. Know that at some point in time all wounds, all actions, deed, words and thoughts that are out of harmony with God’s Love require healing. As God shows you that which is ready to be healed have courage and trust that God will help you move through these experiences. Once on the other side you will feel and have true freedom. A true blessing of the soul freed of darkness.

You who walk the Earth aware of the gift of Divine Love and this soulful path are deeply blessed and you know and recognize that when you enter the spirit world, the sphere you shall find your soul compatible in is a result of your efforts in obtaining Divine Love to the greatest degree that is possible at any given time.

Do not to judge yourselves, rather accept where you are and that God is showing you what you are ready to have healed. Accept the blossoming of your soul. Accept joy and freedom. In the acceptance of all of this there is an effort required for releasing the conditions not in harmony with joy, truth, love and peace upon your soul. Do you see how you walk a courageous path, the path of Divine Love? For on a path that is imbued and based in truth, nothing else can exist that is not of truth.

As one of your teachers, guides and a servant of God I stand with you and watch over you bringing blessings to you. I wish for a deepening of the understanding and experience as you move through the awakening and transition of your soul into a Divine angel. May each of you feel the richness that God has for you and your angel friends carry within their souls for you.

Thank you for desiring to know who you are, to serve and grow in truth and to support and love one another and to exercise truth, love, peace, joy, compassion towards one another and to yourself. The deepest journey is to know who you are in truth.

God bless you, I am Keea-Atta Kem. My love is with each one of you walking and standing beside you. I am here in service. God bless you.