Messages 2020

Let Love be your Guide

July 10th, 2020

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here your brother in Christ, Luke. God has given you all a soul and a heart and a mind. The mind is a wonderful organ of discrimination. It allows one to tell one thing from another, to be able to define things and therefore it’s a very good gift for navigating the world. The heart is the center that pumps the blood through the body, oxygenating it, allowing the life force to permeate the physical body. It is also the doorway to the soul, or one can say, the seat of the soul. So the emotions come into the heart by way of the mind and are how the mind perceives. The soul wishes to receive Truth. It opens to Love. If you wish to know if what is being presented to you is of the mind or of the soul, I encourage you to make this measurement by means of the feeling of love.

When someone loves you, it is wonderful to hear them speak their words, but in fact does this not only confirm what you already felt from them? For if they tell you they love you and you do not feel the love, you don’t believe them. Your heart knows the difference and your soul certainly does. So when a message comes through and frightens you, disturbs your mind, and it is not filled with love, this is not of the soul and this is not something you need to take in.

When you feel the Love, it is a blessing to your whole being. If you think that this Love of God - this great gift - has not been felt demonstrably, it is only because your mind is in the way. I can tell each one of you is receiving this gift of God’s Love inflowing into your souls for the simple asking, the simple yearning and longing. We do not wish for any of you to be disturbed, frightened, or in doubt because this Love conveys the Truth that every good and perfect gift is given to all from the Father who takes care of all His children in Love and provides for each one.

Discern what touches your heart and fills your soul with Love as Truth. Allow it to be your compass and your guide. Be not afraid for the Love of God connects you to His Celestial Heavens. How blessed you are to have this Truth. Thank you for hearing my message through this one. I am pleased with it.

May God bless you with the glorious gift of His love. I am your brother in Christ who loves you. I am Luke.