Messages 2020

Love in Action

October 23rd, 2020

Punaluu, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here your sister in Christ, Clare of Assisi. There are many beliefs: Spiritual beliefs, religious beliefs, philosophical beliefs, scientific beliefs, and so forth. When what is believed is put into practice in life therein lies the proof of whether or not that belief carries truth with it. In other words, when it is practical to live your beliefs and the results bear fruit and that fruit is a blessing and loving and harmonious and healing, then you know that belief will sustain you because now you have experienced what was once an idea, with your very being, and you have witnessed what was posited perhaps theoretically, now as factual and true.

I mention this because in my day there were also many schools of thought, but my friends and I, we were simple and believed in the Catholic church and its dogma. As we prayed and received God’s Love and Grace we saw the simplicity of Faith. The essence of God’s Grace manifested on earth. This surpassed much of what we once held as necessary to believe. This was love in action. Faith personified. Healing manifested.

So, when you pray to receive God’s Love, His essence, you transcend much of what you held to be important, to be truth in beliefs, because your soul is activated in God’s Love. You have become the blessing - the bearer of the gift. And this is a full circle of the practicality of your prayer life as it becomes substance or shall I say substantial in your walk.

May your prayers bring the Love of God into your souls changing you forever and bringing that great happiness and joy and transformation that God wishes for you. It is my wish as well. I am your sister in the Love of God and I love you. I am Clare. Go with God.