Messages 2020

Love, Light and Healing

July 27th, 2020

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii. U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Judas of Kerioth, a disciple of the Master.

When we talk of light and love, the light is the vibration of love at its highest frequency. When you see one of us you see us in a light.

You are also beings of light and though you have material bodies every particle of you vibrates and light emanates from the soul. When one is out of harmony or not living in their souls we refer to this as being in darkness because the vibration is so dense and yet all healings are a result of light and the vibrations that are in harmony with the laws of God’s Universe, the highest being His love. When you send this out to those in need and they are open to it they receive a healing in body, mind, and soul.

When one comes over to spirit we bathe them in light and most especially those who have experienced a violent death or are extremely troubled or fearful. We bathe them in the blue light of calm in peace and they feel the love of those healing spirits around them. And should they be on the path of Divine love they are accompanied by Celestial Angels and lifted in the vibrations of light and God’s love.

As you feel this light and love in your souls and open to it, our loving Creator blesses each one of you so you can send out this light, you can transmit it to whomever you’d like and collectively send it out to the world where there is much darkness. But I wish to tell you there is much light in the world. Billions are praying, meditating, chanting, longing for change, longing for harmony and peace and for sustainability. Your light joins them and collectively you lift the planet and the vibration which I tell you my dear friends can heal the whole planet, will in fact bring the change that you so desire and we so desire. This is also why you are drawn to music, a vibration that is easily felt and beautiful music lifts every soul, touches every heart and connects the longings to the Creator. So pray and sing and send out the love. We are with you in this endeavor in this blessing, in healing and in the beautiful transformation of every soul here in God’s love. I thank you for taking my message may this guidance bless each one and May God’s love be with you all.

I am your brother and friend in Christ,

Judas of Kerioth God bless you!