Messages 2020

Make a Deep Commitment to Long for God’s Love

April 21st, 2020

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike

Beloved souls, I am John the Beloved. Some of you know me well and some do not but I know you all very well, as do many of the Celestial angels of Heaven know your bright souls. We come because you have yearned and longed for the great gift of God’s Love. We ask each one of you to make a deep commitment to this longing, to this soul awakening of which we speak so often. The deeper your commitment, the stronger your desire, the more you spend in times of contemplation and prayer considering the Truth of God and God’s Love, so you will be blessed deeply, so your questions will be answered, so Love will flow.

It is a Truth of the Universe, is it not, that the more you are engaged in something, the more you will receive in response? It is a Law. Each of you have made effort in prayer, in trying to discover the aspects of your soul, to know your own soul. Once this journey of soul awakening, of understanding and recognising your own soul has accomplished inroads into this awareness, so it will get easier and easier for each one of you to go to that deep place within, to be able to delineate and discern that place that is your soul rather than your mind. Each aspect of yourself operates under different parameters. Its capacity to learn, to grow, to expand, to understand, to love and to be in the flow of God’s Love is different.

It should not take too much for each of you to recognise this difference. For when you feel God’s Love, that unique and special quality of Love that is God, are you not perceiving this from your souls? Do you not see that it is your soul that is responding and awakening and opening to this gift of the Father’s Love? There is a response and your condition changes. There is a shift from that of the mind to that of the soul in joy, in upliftment, in a sense of peace and calm that envelops you as God blesses you through His Holy Spirit into your soul.

So with these experiences of your soul being touched by God and your awareness coming into alignment with this experience, as you allow yourself to open more deeply to this experience and many other experiences that may come as your soul awakens and as you allow the awareness of this awakening to come to your conscious self, so you will find that you will drift in and out of soul awareness, that you will desire to be within your soul. That desire will be realised by your efforts in prayer, in contemplation. As you calm your mind, so your soul rises up. Your soul brings to you many insights and answers that you can be sure is not a logical deduction, but rather an insight and awareness of Truth.

The soul perceptions are eager to manifest and open to each one of you. God is eager that you may come into a conscious awareness of His Being, His Presence, His Soul and the manifestations of His Soul that you may come to know the Holy Spirit as your friend and comforter. The peace that passes all understanding brings to you a sense of His Presence, the upliftment in Light, the awakening and expansion of your being, the enlivening of your physical and spirit bodies with the blessing of God’s healing upon you.

These things are soul experiences. These things come as you continue in your persistent efforts to realise the capacities of your soul and acknowledge this part of you that is becoming alive with each day, with each moment. As the transformation of your soul continues and is constant, so there are milestones and markers in your experience and prayers, in your life that indicates that you are becoming more attuned to your soul, that you are coming into alignment with your soul. This can only strengthen and become clearer as you are awakened by your prayers and efforts, by keeping your thoughts upon higher things, on desiring to be a channel of Love in the world, on loving yourselves, allowing that Love that is God to permeate your consciousness, your minds, your judgments, your perceptions, your desires.

So these things of the soul will transform those things of the mind. In good time, it will incorporate the material mind into the consciousness of the soul. This is a great shift of consciousness and of how you will live your lives in this material world of yours. But this shift is not so dramatic that you would feel completely alien from your world and from those within it. No, my beloveds, instead, you will have insights, deep compassion and deep love for all your brothers and sisters.

So with this transformation comes the enlivening and awakening of your capacity to love, to love as a reflection of how God loves and to be in some ways a reflection of how God is. As the soul is completely transformed by this great gift of Love, so these aspects become crystal clear and beautiful in all its unique ways and means of interacting with all that is in the world and all that is within God’s world.

Nothing will hold you back from this, beloved souls, other than your own mind’s skepticism of what is truly an expression of the mind of the soul. In times these two elements of yourselves, the two minds that you carry within you, will come together, will harmonise together and merge into one consciousness, clear and deep and precise and expansive where you will have a true sense of who you are and what you are capable of. The gifts, the many gifts within your soul will be aligned with your conscious self. You will be able to utilise your gifts in ways that will allow you to focus these gifts in harmonisation with God’s Will.

Many things will come from soul awakening, becoming what God has intended you to become, expressing all the wondrous potentials that God has seeded within your soul, awakening to a new reality, a reality that is far greater, far more expansive, far more beautiful and far more joyful - each aspect of life infused with Love, each part of you in harmony with God. Not this somewhat separate reality that you carry now and you have conflict with, but rather a sense of being and living and expressing that is in alignment and awakened, that begins its journey of full realisation which will be a progression that will last for all eternity, beloved souls. To just come to the beginning point to your journey with God is a remarkable feat in itself. That you have defied the conditions, the resistance, the lack of harmony, the great error that exists in your world and come to this place of yearning, of wanting to be in harmony with God, with Truth, with Love.

So, this remarkable journey that you have embarked upon in your world is just the beginning. It is a small step forward of many, many steps. You will find as you progress upon this path that the shifts, the understanding, the visions, the revelations, the joy, the awakenings, the sense of Love will expand beyond your capacity to realise at this time. But it is coming, beloved souls.

The potential of being a transformed soul, a redeemed soul upon your world is possible. You may come to that place where so very, very few, all the millions and billions of souls who have travelled your world, so very few have come to that place. But you, beloved souls, are well on your way. You understand the dynamics, the principles involved in realising this potential of coming to that place of purity of a soul cleansed of all conditions that are not of love, of a soul awakened to its potential and clear understanding and commitment to move forward in this way, to know God in all His wonderment and glory, to be in the Grace of God as a constant in your life.

So much awaits you, my friends. So much comes in Love. So much God wishes for you to have, your loving Father seeking for the betterment of His children, giving the fruits of His Creation, impregnating your soul with such vast potential that it will take all eternity to be realised and expressed.

Your journey begins, beloveds. We are with you. Your brothers and sisters of the Celestial Heavens continue to walk with you, to acknowledge that you have made this choice and that of all of the many souls on your world, you have made this choice in a conscious and powerful way. How blessed are you. How blessed are we to witness this journey that you begin and how wonderful is God who loves us all and carries us upon this Path of Love. May we all continue to step forward, continuously, arduously, passionately towards God.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am John and I am happy to have spoken to you today. May God bless you in His Love and keep you in His Light and care, protection, and peace. God bless you. God bless you, beloveds.