Messages 2020

My Journey to Love

May 3rd, 2020

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Khalil Gibran. I come as your brother on this path of God’s love and I wish to speak about gifts.

You may know me from my works most especially the book, “The Prophet.” I had a gift of writing poetry and prose and my love of painting. Technically I developed these gifts in many places from many influences. My parents were Christians in Lebanon but I grew up in the United States (though born in Lebanon) and also lived in France. I was influenced profoundly by the writings, the quatrains of the Sufis and Blake, and the Bahai’s. The beauty of the parables of the New Testament informed my writings but I tell you I always believed in the Oneness of humanity in what I called The Spirit; the Unity of Religions. My work was an amalgamation of many diverse paths. You can see the paintings, the drawings of Blake in mine and the form of Rodin the Frenchman and the illuminations of Turner to name of few. And so it was the same with my writings. I was in no way a monk but in fact I was quite a worldly man and yet I retreated into the depths of my soul and as the sufis would say ‘I lived in the world but also not of it’.

There are many gifts in this circle many yet to be discovered, many evolving and growing. You can see through this lens this light of God’s love that you possess and therefore whenever you touch another soul and give of this light and love, that IS the gift. It matters not the medium.

I shall come again with your permission and I thank this one for receiving. You are so blessed to have the guidance of the great ones who love you so, who inform you so, and who guide you in the Love of our Creator. In the Oneness every unique soul shining the light in this world. God bless you all.

I am your brother and friend in the Divine love, I am Khalil Gibran.