Messages 2020

Network of Love

June 15th, 2020

Swakopmund, Namibia

Received by H.E.M

My dear child, I am Ann Rollins and I’m so pleased that you write my words.

I am here with you in this prayer for what you call Direct Voice. I am indeed pleased as your circle understands the necessary requirements in being able to succeed with this very wonderful undertaking. In the coming years much will open up through the efforts you are making now. In being steadfast and committed to this mutual work among mortals and spirits in the Highest Heavens, the Celestial Heavens, and with God’s guiding Touch, God’s wishes will be realized. And so we assist in His great plan for the salvation of mankind, and restoring His Creation into its beauty and displaying these wonders to all people.

My coming to you this morning is a surprise to you, but my dear, you know that I have been with you all these years, especially in the work that you do to bring forth the many messages my grandson (James Padgett) received, bringing them to people in your language. Oh dearest, this work demands much effort, but it will bear great fruit. Continue in your efforts for as you have noticed, once an intention is put forth to God, a willing and dedicated soul will always receive the help of the highest. We are with you and many more helpers are coming.

How it joys us to see openings and new possibilities being explored by people on Earth who are looking to bring about a new world of love. There are many souls who long for this. God is continuously pouring forth His Love for people to awaken to this great boon. Slowly but surely these threads of love are woven, connecting and interconnecting this multifold of souls bonding in love. As waves upon waves of God’s Love are flooded into the world, souls grow stronger and stronger in their recognition of the magnificence of His Gift. Hearts will become softer and open to hearing the words of Truth, as the Truth of His Love resonates in their souls. And so it goes on. You all have a part to play in God’s great plan.

Our coming to you on Earth is also determined by the souls on Earth desiring our help and love. We are drawn by your prayers and desires to receive God’s Love and follow His Will. We come in gratitude to assist our beloved brothers and sisters in this world, those who seem to be lost and without direction, feeling a lack of purpose, alone and unloved. Oh, dear souls, so much love and help is waiting. God’s arms of Love are waiting to embrace you.

Put forth your prayers dear daughter, as prayers will be answered. God will send His angels to come and help in bringing forth His caring touch to your world. We are close. I am with you in prayer. I will come again to display my presence in a more obvious way, to share truths and to bring my love forth to you and the work you do. My daughter we greet you in this morning. I am with you. May God continue to bless you my beloved soul. Your dear angel friend is near, I am your helper and friend, Ann Rollins.