Messages 2020

Open up without fear

August 21st, 2020

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Yogananda your brother and friend Yogananda. I come at this hour because you are available and thinking of me but please know I have not been far and have been watching. Watching you grow, watching you become comfortable with your gifts, watching you share.

I wish to touch on the subject of defense. We commonly think of defense in terms of the armies of the world defending the liberties of their citizens. Yet if we go back to the origins of humankind we can say after the fall that the defense mechanisms became part of the human DNA to protect humans from wild animals or beasts and soon afterwards from other humans, from tribal warfare and so forth. This is still of course a part of the human psyche and DNA and it does not take much convincing to assure you that this is true. Most people are aware of it and take it as a given.

But let us talk about the defense systems that we have built to protect ourselves from the slings and arrows of others who judge, who seek to control, who are aggressive or violent, whether it be physically or with words. In a sense our defense mechanisms are always up, always on guard, and from there we build walls to protect our families but in spiritual terms to protect our hearts. For there is only so much psychic pain and emotional wounding one can endure.

I speak on this subject because of the importance of being vulnerable, of opening up, in safety, in faith, in trust to God that He may bestow the great gift of His love. The more that you can open your heart in a sanctuary the more it can be infilled with the love of God. This is why through history people have sought refuge and created sanctuaries, places where they could feel safe enough, protected enough to open up without fear and to bypass the DNA of defense that the Creator might bless them with a great inflowing of His love and grace.

Let this be your guide as you trust each other more and more in the circle of light, in your prayers alone and together. You create an opening a spiritual magnetism that cannot be denied. A powerful force of light shinning upon the darkness and bringing about the change we all so desire and that God wishes for humankind, for every soul for His creation. May the love of God bring you faith and trust and every good and perfect gift in Grace. I am your brother and friend in the love of God. Thank you. I am Yogananda.