Messages 2020

Plant the Seeds of God’s Love

August 29th, 2020

Punaluu, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here, Andrew, a disciple of the Master and a dear friend of my brother Judas. As you may know, I came to Judas when he was in the hells to give him hope, to let him know that he was forgiven, to lead him again to the Light and Love of God which was his initial aspiration. All of this is well documented in the writings of James Padgett, and also in this wonderful book1 that you are studying.

So my purpose to come is to use my experience with Judas as a template for how things work between souls whether in spirit or on earth. Let me give you an example. You tell someone about Divine Love, about the path of prayer, about the transformation of souls and the truths as you understand them, from what you have read and from your own experience. And although their souls may get this, their minds reject it. They are either simply not interested or, in fact, quite in opposition of these unorthodox ideas.

It may be many years later whether in spirit or on earth, they come to a point of crisis, an epiphanic moment where they begin to see and remember what you told them and they call on you and you show them the light and they see the condition of your soul. And I may say, even on earth they can be capable of recognizing the condition of light, of joy, in your soul, in comparison to the condition of their souls and the darkness.

It is never a wasted effort when you lovingly speak the truth, when you tell a story of God’s Grace, a miracle, an overcoming that you had from a dark condition to one of light. When you tell another this, you have planted a seed. And eventually those you have told will have the opportunity to revisit the truths you have conveyed to them. To water that seed and watch it grow in their own soul. There are many ways to do this. One does not need to be a proselytizer and be overbearing. If one can show, by example, of the Love in their soul, of a kindness, of a story, of a song, and so forth, this will have an effect, on down the road, as they say.

So, we encourage you to share your stories, to share your journey, and above all to continue praying for God’s Love and studying these wonderful messages which our dear brother Judas has given. I thank you for this opportunity, for I have not spoken through this one before and I am pleased with his efforts. May God bless you each with the great inflowing of Divine Love. I am your brother in the love of God. I am Andrew.

Note 1 Judas of Kerioth - a book.