Messages 2020

Pray to be Open to the Creator’s Love

August 10th, 2020

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am your brother in Christ, George Vale Owen. Some may know me as Rev Owen.1 I was the pastor of a small church in England and I received many messages from Spirit which humbled me and often astounded me. As they presented the vision of the spheres from the hells to the Celestial Kingdom and the spirits that assisted me showing me the journey and presenting me to the Master.

I received these messages around the same time as brother James Padgett received his messages. I must say, now that I know them, James received from the highest what is required for each soul should they choose the path of Divine Love and I am grateful to know him. My messages also touched on the love of God and the journey through the spheres. And though we wrote and received in different ways my messages were widely read and helped so many not only in my native England but even around the world.

I draw a parallel here between what I received and what you are receiving, those of you who are Celestial mediums, each one blessed with wisdom and the truth of Divine love. We support you and each one that comes to learn, to pray, most importantly to pray to open to The Creator’s love, to be humble and ask. To allow the love to come into your soul that The Creator so wishes to give, to allow yourself to be healed and transformed. This has been and remains the message to all on the path of Divine love.

Some of you I know can see this light emanating from the Celestial heavens, from God to the souls of all of us here - being blessed and blessing each other. Allow this love to change you to guide you during this time and into your walk into the future which I assure you, each one, is glorious beyond what you can conceive. All Praise to the Creator. May all be blessed. I am your brother in Christ, George Vale Owen, or Rev Owen. God bless you! God bless you!

Note 1 Rev. George Vale Owen received beautiful messages from the Spirit World in 5 Volumes “Beyond the Veil” He was the pastor of a small church in England and his messages were widely read and loved. Geoff Cutler republished them almost 100 years later and they are available online and in print on Amazon and Lulu. The picture is of Rev. Owen with his good friend and ardent supporter Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.