Messages 2020

Raise your Sails on the Ocean of God’s Love

December 8th, 2020

Punaluu, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here your sister and friend Aunty Eileen. I hope that the words I received that guided my life and truly the lives of many continue to be a blessing. For they are real and they are true. The gist of them is to be open to God. Whether or not you hear a small still voice or the voice of an Angel, or have a vision, I tell you if you will just allow your heart to be open that God may touch it and may fill your soul with Love, the guidance will come. For as I wrote, you cannot fill a full vessel.

If you allow yourself to be empty and yet the longings in your hearts, in your souls, to be foremost, you will receive. If you need to read words to get into your heart, to go within, to find that quiet place, then use words, use prayer, use song. For some just going in nature and seeing the beauty of creation is enough to bring them peace, calm and respite from the world. And should they wish to open to the Creator that will be their blessing and I know it is all your wish.

So, raise your sails on the ocean of love that the wind of God’s spirit may carry you into His heart, into His soul. If you put this first in your day, it will inform all the events. If you can imagine having a conversation with God, or even with a Celestial angel, or one of your guides for one day and you set this as your task from when you awake to when you go to sleep, you can think of this as having an invisible friend from your childhood, your guardian angel. If you could do this task you would see the workings of God and the Angels throughout your day and be amazed and be touched and you will be changed in His love. Isn’t that great!

Thank you for taking my message and for all hearing this. May the love of God touch your souls, awaken your hearts, heal you and raise you up, for we here love you in the love of God. I am your sister and friend. I am Eileen, Aunty Eileen. God bless you.