Messages 2020

Respond in Love

November 6th, 2020

Punaluu, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here and come in the Love of God, Yogananda. I am aware of the thoughts of healing which not only are here in this beautiful circle but are being sent across the airwaves of the earth. So many are wishing, praying for a healing.

Consider the human body and when there is disease it means the cells are out of alignment out of harmony with their natural state. All healing is a realignment of the natural vibrations and done through means of light. As you know love carries light. So when you send love you also send light.

When there is illness and the person afflicted has faith and allows the love and light of healing to come in, it becomes possible. As you know when organs are damaged beyond God’s laws of repair they may not always be adjusted to their natural state. However, as I have remarked before, the laws of God and nature are beyond the scope of human understanding and science. Who would have imagined one could transplant a heart or a kidney or grow a prosthesis? Only a few years ago this would have been considered science fiction.

Consider the state of the earth, the state of sleep that pervades the earth, as Confucius1 has remarked. I tell you two wrongs never make a right. If someone were to attack you, you might defend yourself, but to retaliate does not solve the negative issue and bring it to a harmonious result. So all of the negativity upon the earth, the violence, the threats, the anger, all these things which are out of harmony with the laws of God and Divine Love can be healed in light, healed in love.

I urge you to respond yes in truth, but above all with the Love of God in your soul. Send this vibration out to the leaders of the world, to every country, and to the planet itself from this lattice of light that your souls sit in. You my dear friends have an effect upon the earth that is greater beyond what you can imagine. I would say reflect on the prayers that have been said and answered from the requests you have received and the many, many, healings that have come. Use these as your examples. Let God’s love and light be your template to bless the world.

I send my love and blessings to all here and the many here in spirit today. God’s Love connecting all of us on this beautiful celestial bridge. How I love you. May God bless you each. I am your brother and friend in the love of God. I am Yogananda.

Note 1 Refers to an earlier message in the circle received by Al Fike from Confucius.