Messages 2020

Reunited with my Soulmate

May 4th, 2020

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Kahlil Gibran,

I come again wishing to continue my discourse out of love for all of you, out of admiration for the path you have chosen.

I have stated that there are many gifts in this circle and in your community and that each one has something unique in relation to their soul, to give, to serve, to share. Some have been down many roads and many paths, others have clung to a more traditional way often reflecting their family, perhaps their ethnicity or orthodox beliefs but each one has found this gem of God’s love and each one has a view of the world changed by this love. You may believe you that you have not the experience to be able to share your journey but whether your view is of a brick wall or a garden path, a dark night, a glorious morning, a prison cell or running down the beach, walking through the woods: all these views are now able to look upon a Celestial path as you walk into the future with this gift in your souls.

As you may know I was quite a seeker I walked down many roads, many paths, and held many views, many philosophies and then I had my epiphany and realized that love was indeed the highest common denominator and that all could be one in love and as you know in God’s love. All my experiences I could write about and whether they were positive or negative, life affirming or fearful, they all led to love and therefore I could share my journeys and bare my soul.

I even attempted to paint a picture, to draw a revelation and I was able to reach many. So I wish to give each one of you encouragement and hope on your journeys as you share this wonderful gift, this truth you have discovered and more importantly, God’s love that you hold in your souls. That He has blessed each one of you with for the asking, this we can see.

I should tell you just briefly that I have a wonderful soulmate.1 We never thought she came from a place close to the place of my birth in Lebanon. But her soul and her journey paralleled mine in unique ways. We both politically sought for the liberation of our people and for her of women in particular. We both followed spiritual paths and we actually became friends through correspondence. She often critiqued and edited my work in a most loving way like my conscience and I opened my heart to her which she felt. So when I left the world she truly felt the separation and now we are together in oneness and on this path of God’s love. You too will have this wonderful coming together. I have gone on for awhile so thank you for indulging me. May you continue on this journey of God’s love and grace and light beyond your fears and doubts holding back as you open up your heart that your souls may be changed and blessed. This is an eternal journey and it is a glorious one I assure you. May God’s love and peace be with you all.

I am your brother and friend in God’s love. I am Khalil Gibran.

Note 1 He told me later that he was in the 7th Sphere and his soulmate’s name is May.