Messages 2020

Take this to Heart

August 24st, 2020

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

It is I, Clare. I come in God’s love and His grace. I wish for you all to be in the love of God, in His peace, the peace that passes understanding, the peace of your soul. You come to this circle to receive God’s love and many are drawn by the light, by your longings and some by their love for each one of you. As we are here to guide you and help you and encourage you, you should know that you are guiding and helping and encouraging and inspiring many.

It is important to take time to allow all the stresses of the world to put aside so that your soul may be lifted, so that your soul may receive, so that your soul may awaken in God’s love. The more you do this the more God can bless you. When you feel His grace in the stillness, in the peace, in the Holy vibration of His love, do you not wish for this to be in great abundance in your soul? Do you not long to be free of the chains that drag so many in the world down whether it be the burdens of materialism or the lack thereof material things, the lack of love, loneliness, despair? These are all human struggles and you are not alone. Remember please all you need to do is ask. First and foremost go to God. Whether you cry out or you just humbly request from your soul, you touch the soul of God, and God responds touching you.

So set aside whatever time you can to be with God and as God responds so do we. We are drawn by your prayers and we are, if I may use the the expression, a spiritual army to defend you from harm and protect you, to pray with you . When you know that there is nothing more important in all the world than to be transformed in God’s love then this will be yours for God so wishes it to be. Take this to heart my kind mice, my sweet souls.1 We come in Joy and the Glory of God for you. May His love be yours. My love and blessings to all here and beyond. I am your sister in Christ and I love you. I am Clare of Assisi. God with God.

Note 1 This is an amusing term of endearment from Clare to her three charges. It could be likened to a rather endearing modification of the children’s ditty “Three blind mice”. Many of these messages from Clare emanate from this group of three.