Messages 2020

The Divine Love Community

July 7th, 2020

Punaluu, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Yogananda. I am your brother and friend and I reside in the Celestial heavens. I wish to tell you that as a young boy, going to temple, doing Puja with my mother, we offered fruits, we lit our incense, we were anointed with oil. Even then I could go within and yearn for the connection with God. I didn’t see this as a separate thing - in fact probably I saw it as something that all people did when they went within. As I instructed my students many, many years later to go within, of course I also instructed them to talk to God as I had, to pray to God, to ask God to bless them and to be at One with Him, soul to soul. I did not see any disparity between the two.

I had read the Gospels and studied the teachings of Jesus and I was in awe and I wrote about him. As you know not all of my insights were what you would say 100% exact, because of my tradition and because we had our beliefs about that but what I called the Christ Consciousness, if you read between the lines, you see this is about the Love of God in your soul, waking up, being Christ’ed, being anointed. This I knew. And my followers in the West they could comprehend this message because it is near impossible to for one to turn their back on such great love. In my prayers, I asked to carry this love into the world every day.

I tell you there were challenges and I had moments which you could almost define as being in despair when I prayed: “Oh God what can I do, am I in the right place, is this really what you want for me, can I truly be a blessing, a help to others?” And the answer was: “Yes, and you are!”

Allow yourself to be above the doubt and the self-recrimination. Be in the flow of Grace. And know that what I understand, being in this realm and what all of us wish to convey to you, to all of you, is to focus on what is truly important. You live in the world and so of course you must meet your commitments but you have chosen the path of this Divine Grace, Divine Love or Divine Truth. And so we ask you to love your brothers and sisters in the community of Divine Love whatever their faults, whatever their disagreements, whatever their lifestyle. Because they, like you, have all chosen through whatever their capacity is to receive the love of God and to go in prayer and ask for it. I tell you as your brother and friend there is no greater choice than asking for the gift of God’s love. This is Holy Communion, Holy Community. Be One in God’s Love as we are One with you and God is One in His love with all.

I love you and wish every blessing. Know you have protection, know you are guided, be happy and joyous in this beautiful love you hold in your souls and this rapport with all of us. I am Yogananda. God bless you!