Messages 2020

The Experience of Soul Growth

June 8th, 2020

Gibson, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike

I am your teacher Augustine. I hear your prayer, beloved daughter, I hear your concerns and your desire for greater truth and understanding of the journey of the soul awakening in Divine Love. As you know each individual has their own journey in this regard. Their experiences are unique to them. Their souls are a unique creation of God. Their bodies, their minds, their psychic gifts, their gifts of reasoning and the many other faculties and gifts of each individual in your Earth plane make for a unique experience and journey. So to compare yourself with another is folly. To desire specific gifts and experiences that others possess is human. And yet as you have experienced in your life, dear daughter (J), your gifts are not the same as your beloved mate, nor are they the same as any other individual in the world. So this journey of yours has been unique and you can attest to this uniqueness and individuality.

God created variety in all forms, in all of His creations. The dance of life is that of change and evolution, of continuous progress, of unique expressions. So much in God’s World is unique and expresses something that has a life of its own and this is how the world is and shall ever be. Each object, each creation in God’s world, this Earth, has a vitality to it, a touch of God’s Creative Force and a form of consciousness, whether it be a rock or an animal or a human. You are all blessed with the powerful Touch of God that is life. In this it is a miracle, is it not? Who and what you are, your unique qualities and gifts, is a great blessing. Indeed a garden with all the same flowers with all the same colors, is this an interesting garden? No. God’s garden is full of different colors, unique qualities, textures, many, many souls expressing themselves in many, many ways and this is the great foundation of life.

When we speak of the soul and its qualities and capacities and give to you an indication of what is possible, this does not mean that every soul will follow a certain template and course of progress. Rather that is determined by the unique nature of that individual. Certain qualities will be in the forefront where for others these will be in the background and this is a blessing for all of you. For each of you contribute different gifts, different qualities of your own unique expression. Your souls develop in their own way, in their own timing, in their own capacities and gifts. So you cannot anticipate or expect certain outcomes that are derived from your observations of others. Rather be in a state of gratitude and wonderment as to your own authentic and wondrous self, the beauty of your own soul and the beauty of your own expression of your own life. You are a beloved flower of God, unique in so many ways. How can you suggest that you are inadequate or unloved? For this is great error. Each of you have many gifts. Each of you express these gifts in your own way. Each of you have chosen a path that is unique to you and blessed by God.

You are entreated to come together in harmony, to acknowledge one another in their uniqueness, to observe each flower for its own beauty, to be joyful in the knowledge that you are part of God’s garden and will continue to grow and flourish and even change in this garden, as His Love continues to awaken and enliven all that you are within your souls and within your being. For those who have a compulsion to compare themselves with others, who are looking outside of themselves for validation, for comparison and for commonalities, this human quality that is so evident in the world, I say to you: “Look to God. Ask God to continue to awaken your true selves, to continue to awaken your souls with His Love. In this, all the miraculous and wondrous parts of you will come alive and be expressed in the world, in all its unique beauty. It cannot be anything but that wondrous quality of individuality that you are each gifted with.” Nothing can change this. You may suppress certain parts of yourself, you may reject certain aspects of your unique personalities, you may wish to be something different, but in all this, you cannot by any means or ways re-create yourselves. You are as God created you. And that which you know of as you, is merely the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to know and to express.

As God ignites your soul in life and expression, so these things will be revealed; so life will be expanded and exemplified in the harmony of God’s Great Touch of Love. It cannot be anything but this journey that God has placed you upon. In this journey and the knowings that come with this journey and the understanding that you have acquired so far, know that there is much more to come. I suggest for you not to be impatient, not to be expecting of things that are not in harmony with your true nature and being, not to beseech God for something that God cannot give. Instead with an attitude of thankfulness, of joy, of appreciation, of knowing the unfolding of your true self, you may pray for the further awakening of your soul and to be fully engaged in those parts that continue to emerge in their tender and somewhat vulnerable state of becoming. Allow this to be. Be strong and joyful and loving towards yourself and towards each other. For to witness the unfolding of each of God’s unique flowers is indeed a joy. It is a joy for each of us in the Celestial Kingdom to observe this miracle time and time again. To see your progress, to note the beauty and uniqueness of each of you. So you will come to know your true selves from the eyes of your soul in time. For now, that vision is somewhat blurry. It is like a double vision, that of the soul and that of the mind, but in time, things will come together into clarity and the sure sight of the truth.

You are all challenged with your daily experiences, your contemplations, your desires for this and your desires for that. Know that God knows each of your thoughts, all of your aspirations and desires and yet God continues to encourage and bless the expressions of your unique selves, despite yourselves, in this state of yearning for what you think is and must be the greatness of your soul’s unfolding. Go to God. Seek God’s guidance, seek God’s blessings, and see in that deeper way, the wonderment and beauty that is your own unique self, created by God, loved by God, blessed by God. This is your gift, the great gift of life, the great gift of all that God has given you. In time you will know all of these gifts, but I say to you, focus on the moment, on what is now and not what can be. For with your focus of the moment, you will see with greater clarity and depth what is a part of you. And in this perception, this awakened knowing, you will appreciate with joy and uplifting gratitude to God who and what you are. The beauty of life, the wonderment of all of God’s unique creations, blessed, perfect, beautiful.

May God bless you with the vision, the insight, the knowings, the wisdom, the acceptance and the joy of the moment. May His Love continue to awaken your perceptions and awaken all that you are. God bless you, beloved souls. I am your teacher Augustine. I continue to witness the glory of your creation, what God has given to the world. My love for you is great. God bless you, I am your teacher Augustine. God bless you.