Messages 2020

The Miracle of Soul Transformation

December 14th, 2020

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here your brother and friend in the love of God. I am Yogananda. I come to this gathering drawn by your prayers, each soul longing to be touched, to receive the essence of the Creator. The miracle that is the transformation of each soul in the love of God. You do not need to leave your body, only to put your soul first. When you do this, when you allow your heart to be touched and God opens your soul, and you are lifted, and you can be healed.

In this great love of God which touches every soul that longs for it, this glow you feel transcends the world and yet as I have said, “embraces it”. It is not a secret and it is not a mysticism to be uncovered. It is a simple truth, and it is yours for the asking.

As the love of God comes into your soul and the light in this circle expands, you can send it to each one of those souls in your prayers today and to each other. There is great power and majesty in Divine Love. And though you cannot give a persons’ soul this Love you can love a person from your soul with this love.

If only we would be mindful during our day, in our conversation with God and the angels to walk with them as the day unfolds and you begin to see the flow of Grace. I encourage you to do this even if only for a day, if only for an hour, to set your sights on the great love of the Creator and the guidance that is there for you.

This is why we are here speaking from our souls to your souls. On this journey where each one will be transformed form the mortal to the immortal, from the human to the Divine angel, from the finite to the infinite in the love of God. May this blessing be yours. Have no doubt. Perish the thought that is not of love. My friends stay in your heart and be that blessing you wish to be. With all my love in the Grace of God. I am your brother and friend Yogananda. May God bless you.