Messages 2020

The Only Tribe

April 19th, 2020

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here, White Eagle.

I come to you in the Grace of God as your brother and friend. My work as a healer answers the call of those who sincerely ask. My band has been working to heal those in this Circle whose friends and family have prayed and we never refuse any sincere request.

I come to speak about the gathering of the tribes. Is not this gathering one of many peoples, many places, many cultures? Consider concentric circles reaching towards the fountainhead of God’s Love, each one receiving Grace commensurate, as dear brother Augustine has said, with the intensity and longings of their souls. These circles are connected in an ascending spiral from the lowest spheres reaching to the Celestial Heavens. Though there may be stagnation, it is always a reaching towards the Light.

It is often said that my people are indigenous but my friends, all peoples are indigenous, for we are all God’s children no matter what tribe. Have you not all come together in prayer to receive the great blessing of our Creator’s Love? All One in this Circle. Your prayers to receive God’s Love bring you closer and closer to the Celestial Heavens and immortality. This is the sustainability of a soul blessed.

On our beloved Earth, many are waking up to realize how fragile and yet how powerful the Earth can be. As you move towards a more sustainable Earth, you will not be moving backwards. Although you can benefit much from indigenous cultures, sustainable cultures, there will be a blending of technology and sustainability. This is the choice that is being given to life on Earth. This blending of technology and sustainability which can be in harmony for all who wish it as you wish to be in harmony in your souls.

So wherever you are, reaching to God, to the Light and Love of the Creator, you will receive and be at one for there is only one tribe and one God. May each one in this Circle, this medicine wheel, bang the drum of life that your spirits will be lifted, each soul blessed in oneness with the Creator. We are truly with you in this time of healing and transition as you are truly one as we are in the Creator’s Love.

May God bless you, sustain you, protect you. I am your brother. I am White Eagle.