Messages 2020

The Secret of the Soul is to be humble

August 18th, 2020

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Francis. I come in the grace of God in this blessed circle, in this holy community. I wish to speak of pride.

The pride of a parent for a child growing up, doing well. The pride of a team, of an accomplishment and so forth. This side of being proud is a grace. But you all know the saying “pride comes before a fall” and this was my experience. I was to inherit much in worldly goods, in connections, and business. And I had traveled and been a solider and from my point of view beaten the world and risen above it. When I took ill, I saw the worthlessness of this pride, of these material things, these worldly accomplishments. It shook me to my core and it humbled me. I walked away much to the disdain of many, the anger of my parents who had loved me so much, and had held such high hopes in their world for me.

I had an experience which could be compared to the story of Paul falling off his horse, being struck so to speak. And there I was falling off my high horse to the ground, the good earth, to the sights and the sounds of the birds and the smells of the flowers, and even the soil in my fingers, all of God’s Creation, not of man.

And I knew in my soul I could connect to my Creator, with my being in His church. And this church was pure and one that allowed much freedom and brought so much joy and gifts to myself and my brothers, and later our sisters.

But you know the secret of the soul is to be humble before your Creator, to ask “Dear God, bless my soul, heal this wound, touch my friends, change me and this mortal coil to At-onement with You in eternity.”

I tell you it matters not through which lens you are seeing the world or spiritual life, which philosophy, or which science for when you open your heart, trust in sincere faith, and you call out from the deep longings in your soul for that treasure beyond all the earthly treasures, you receive it. It is simple. It is divine. It is God’s Love. His wish for you.

My dear brothers and sisters, you are blessed and you belong here. Fear not, God is Gracious. I am your brother and friend in Christ. I am Francis. Go with God.