Messages 2020

The Simplicity of our Lives

April 12thth, 2020

Punaluu Hawaii, U.S.A

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here your brother and friend Francis. On this day we celebrate the resurrection into spirit.

When you pray and receive God’s love we make this connection to immortality and I wish for each one here to receive this gift in such great abundance that you feel the connection to the Celestial realms and immortality beyond fear and beyond doubt being in God’s love.

My friends and I left the world behind and I wish to tell you many of us had lived a very unholy existence prior to our leaving the busy world and we made a pact to celebrate the earth and to pray for God’s love and live simply. As we grew in this love the world around us began to feel it.

This took some time but many of my friends, my brothers and sisters who found the path of a simple life, a sustainable life nurturing both the gardens in our souls with God’s love and the garden that is the earth. We became a force for everything that is good and we shared this.

Eventually the spiritual orders that were founded both in my name and Clare’s name flourished and exist to this day, albeit institutionalized to some extent. And yet the principles of praying to God, simplicity still exist. You my dear ones who are blessed to know this wonderful truth of God’s love. You don’t need to join a religious order for you carry this into the world each one of you. And each knows the simplicity of life - beautiful – and of God’s love.

May your holy community thrive and bless this world in God’s love and in the simplicity and sustainability that earth needs. I celebrate with you today the reality of eternal life in God’s love and embrace each one of you precious souls. All my love and blessings to each one May God to continue to bless you.

I am your brother and friend Francis.