Messages 2020

The Subject of Service

March 6th, 2020

Punaluu, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here your friend Charles. We all were listening to the subject of service and I too had contemplated this in my life. Often it is considered that artists, whether they be musicians or actors, painters or dancers, can be often quite self- indulgent and yes this can be true. But the great joy of sharing a gift is because you have served.

In my work I realized early on that I could bring joy to others with humor, but I also could make statements about social justice, poverty, love, equality and even peace. That my projects are still watched - my films - tells me that I touched on something that helped others and this has helped me a great deal in my progression through spirit toward the Celestial Kingdom where I long to be. I give an example here to these two musicians (JG an JB1) reluctant though they may be at times. When they are able to share their gifts of what they’ve received they know it brings them great joy and they realize there is purpose in sharing gifts.

So, whether you are caring for another human being physically or whether you are sharing joy and humor or a story with a moral compass a song a dance a painting that expresses the beauty of God’s creation. Let all these things open doors not only of perception but of the soul. These gifts touch the hearts of many so therefore those who give as my dear brother said, their rewards are great I too want to encourage you to give, to use your gifts. Do not despair, be in joy, be in love, be in light. I am so very happy to give this message through my friend. God bless you. I am Charles. God bless you!

Note 1 Jane Gartshore and Rev.Jimbeau Walsh