Messages 2020

The Thoughts You Entertain

September 1st, 2020

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here your brother in Christ, I am Luke. My brothers and I and our two sisters have been with you today listening to your conversation. We are gently guiding you, influencing you, though not interfering with your free will, for we will never do that. I wish to stress the importance of the thoughts you entertain and the entertainment that influences your thoughts. You are all aware of the world and the negatively and the violence and greed and darkness which has caused so many to lash out in anger because the material world does not fulfill the needs of the soul.

I see children completely absorbed in games that, in the context of love, must be considered inappropriate. These games have filtered down from their source in the military in many forms but there is often a lot of killing and violence. There is also a lot of energy and adrenaline, the outcome of which is a kind of numbness to the pain and suffering in the real world caused by such actions. I will give you an example. Someone playing a video game and they are able from a drone or an airplane to drop bombs, to take out targets (as you would say) and watch things explode and make thunderous sounds. They later find themselves in a real life situation where their only reference point has been a game and now they are dealing with real lives and real guns. When the pain of the actual weapons is felt of course the recipient knows without a doubt that they have been mistaken. This is not a good thing in terms of what they have done or participated in and yet their recognition and realization of the wrong in a sense is a good thing. And so you see in the spirit world people that have participated in these kind of things and there are untold numbers of them that have been in wars or gangs, or in personal violence and they must often have their realization in spirit. And like our dear brother Judas, they see the ugliness that results and the place of darkness where they abide. And yes we go to them and in fact it is the activity of many spirits to visit and offer hope and light to them.

Occasionally those of us here in the highest realms, the Celestial realms, and even the Master himself visit the hells and the lower spheres, as you have read. But as if shining a huge spotlight on someone in darkness it is often necessary and better to send someone closer to the sphere these souls are in, but a higher sphere. This is how spirits help one another and this is the story of Judas and so many others. I mention this to you because it is our wish not only that you will help others to climb out of the darkness, to be healed and to see the state of their souls, but that each one of you will experience transformation while on earth. That your very presence will shine a light on the darkness. So if you entertain spiritual thoughts, watch spiritual film-video, assist others and stay in the longing of your souls to be in the light and love of God, it will only cost you a little time and prayer and God will bless you as He is in this very moment.

I thank this brother for taking a long message he did not expect and I am happy with its reception. We all send you our love and blessings in the grace of God and we thank you for your efforts, for your service. I am your brother in Christ and a disciple of the Master, I am Luke.