Messages 2020

The Thoughts you take in and send out

August 7th, 2020

Punalu’u, Hawaii, U.S.A

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Yogananda.

My dear friends, much has been said in the world about the power of thought, to become things, to be able to visualize and then build upon that vision. Of course this is true. You see manifestations of it everywhere. It is also true that when you send thoughts to us, we feel them. When you send thoughts to another, they may not feel the words, but they feel your intentions. This is why we always talk to you about how you are receivers and you are transmitters.

So what goes in does come out. Which is why it is important to evaluate what you wish to take in. As they say: “food for thought.” So as it is important in the material world with your bodies to take in foods that are healthy and nutritious, to sustain them and prevent them from illness and disease, it is just as important as the thoughts that you take in and send out.

We in the Celestial Heavens always influence you to raise your thoughts to the highest spiritual thoughts. I told my students, talk to God. Keep your mind on God. Whatever your need, it will be answered. This will raise your thoughts, as I have said earlier, to the level of soul. Then you begin to perceive with the soul. Within the mind of God, within the flow of Love, in a state of Grace, in this Holy Communion, the soul knows and you feel it. This is sometimes referred to as the soul of the mind or the higher mind by some. I come to you specifically to talk about the soul transformed by God’s Love, this angelic soul, able to perceive what is best, what path to follow, what is in the flow of God’s Love. These soul perceptions, this is what we wish for you all so that you are not troubled by the mind.

Again as I have said before, let your soul be above your mind so that your soul influences your mind and not the other way around. You wonder: “How do I do this? I have all kinds of feelings.” You do this in prayer. You send up the intention to receive and the most Holy Spirit of the Creator opens your soul to receive and awakens your soul. You feel this. You feel this in your heart, your solar plexus. You feel this glow, this light. Questions that arise dissolve into Truth. You are in the flow of God’s Love and Grace. This my friends, my beautiful friends, this is your destiny. Should you wish to be transformed, you will be. So when we say: “follow your heart”, there is such a close connection between the heart and the soul. Your heart is your feeling center. This is the place. When you open your heart, as you know, the most Loving Creator can open up your soul. The heart is contained in the soul.

This is also evident in music when someone sings deeply from their heart, we often call this “music of the soul.” My songs that I sang when on Earth, I sang from my soul. I was not some great singer, some kind of opera singer, but my intentions were so deep from my soul, that I felt such joy in singing. This I give to you. Let your hearts be open that your souls will be blessed, that your minds will be at ease in the peace that passes all understanding. Allow this throughout your day. Whenever you are distracted, go to your heart that God and the angels may touch your soul.

I pray you will all stay in the Light and the Love of God. Whenever you call, we shall be there for our love is always with you and we too are on this journey together, at-one in God’s Love. My love to all of you. God’s Love to all of you. May you stay in His warm embrace, always. God bless you. I am Yogananda.