Messages 2020

Thoughts Become Things

May 19th, 2020

Punaluu, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Yogananda your brother and friend in God’s love - a transformed soul. The world is filled with knowledge and it true that thoughts become things no matter whether the thought is received in spirit or the thought is inspired by the mind.

When the thought comes to create something, to build something or to change something these inspirations can indeed take form and many beautiful things can come into life. Many inventions began as seeds implanted in the mind. For those of you who seek to build a truly spiritual existence you too have a vision, have a feeling of something that can be developed. And so on the path of spiritual knowledge there is all kinds of wisdom.

When knowledge is realized as truth by the soul it becomes understanding. When understanding is embraced by the entire being and carries with it a state of Grace, this is a Divine revelation. This is the beginning of a soul changing from the image to the very substance of its Creator, our heavenly Father our Glorious Creator. Allow your souls to test the waters, allow your hearts to feel God’s love. This discernment will inform the transformation of your soul in the knowing with all your being that this is the path of God’s love.

So we always encourage you , pray with your hearts, from the depths of your souls that our Glorious Creator may open up each soul and fill it with the Essence of His Being. This Divine love that transforms from the mere image to the very substance, from the human to the Divine Angel, from the mortal to the Immortal. This is the gift of Eternity.

I shall pray with you this day and always. We come close whenever you wish in this beautiful circle of light, in this communion of souls and in God’s love. I am your brother and friend in God’s love. I am Yogananda. God bless you!