Messages 2020

True Guidance Brings an Expansive and Joyful Signal in the Soul

January 23rd, 2020

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike

This is Andrew. You are all needed in the world, beloved souls. It concerns me that some of you feel and perceive that you are not needed and that you may be rejected. This is not the case. God has many plans and many opportunities for each one of you to be in a position of being a teacher, healer or a channel of love in the world. So each day opportunities open and each day guidance comes to those who are receptive. I would suggest that guidance from the Celestial angels and from God brings with it a flavor, a light, a feeling that is unmistakable. There is a signal within the soul that feels expansive and joyful when you have received your guidance correctly.

So I would urge you to be aware and vigilant of those feelings, senses and information that come when you are in prayer and asking God to guide you. It is only your hesitancy and your assumptions and mindful considerations that often hold you back from accepting the Will of God. This challenge has been with you all your lives, the difficulty of discerning between the thoughts of the material mind and the fears and conditions that one carries through life and the higher blessing and knowing of the soul. Yet you continue to grow and awaken to these higher conditions of Light and Truth and Wisdom within you. When one realises a specific step which has been guided to be taken, this expansive, joyful sense will come with it. This is your signal, beloved souls. This is what you must attune yourselves to in order to ensure that you are correct and walking upon the path that God has designated for you. When this understanding comes, all else falls into place in harmony. It is a human tendency to make assumptions, to plan, to organise from that place of mind and an eagerness to do so, responding to that sense of excitement and upliftment of the guidance is common amongst you.

I say to you, beloved souls, continue to pray if you are unsure. Continue to pray, to be open to what God may give to you in insight and Wisdom. It is not that we hold from you the details, but we are conservative in giving details to you because of the great potential to misread and be misguided by your own minds and intentions. In order for you to piece together a clear understanding of any given circumstance, we give to you guidance drop by drop, piece by piece, so that you may fit together this puzzle and come to your own understanding and soulful recognition of the Will of God.

This is somewhat tedious, I know and your patience often is not great. There is a desire to run ahead of what is meant to be and the timing that God has designated. I say to you, my friends, walk each day in faith. Be confident that God will guide you in the right direction and that what will be and is in harmony with God’s Will will be manifest. You have seen this over and over again, my beloved friends, and you will see this manifesting day in and day out and with a greater clarity as each day is realised.

Yes there are tests and there are complications and there are the challenges of dealing with your earthly life. So I see that you often feel somewhat confused, eager to serve, yet rather nervous with a sense of trepidation that you will not be able to execute your guidance in a clear way. This fear is not unfounded, for you are all susceptible to the machinations of your own minds and the assumptions and perceptions that come with these mindful understandings of life. You have not yet fully realised the potentials of your soul but you come closer. You have come to see that often guidance given in the moment may evolve to something different from what was understood in that moment.

As you come to see the world from these two places of understanding, material mind and the soul, there is a sense of tension and often contradiction. Yet you have each been blessed mightily with the Father’s Love. You have been given the capacity to be guided and to be receptive to God’s Will. So each day is a test, a gift, a blessing as you continue upon this road of refining your soul perceptions, your discernment, your capacity to understand God’s Will. Each day, beloved souls, brings you one step closer. Each time you pray and ask for God’s guidance, so the response comes. Each day, you desire to serve God and to serve your brothers and sisters, so doors will open in service.

I urge you not to worry or fret but to have patience and realise that the picture will come clear, that all will fall into place as is meant to be. You will see that God will use you in many different ways, with many different opportunities, circumstances, situations, and even locations. Be assured that your perceptions, your soul knowings will bring to you the guidance that you require.

May God bless you upon that journey, beloved souls. I am Andrew. My love is with you. God bless you. God bless you all.