Messages 2020

Tune in to Love

June 20th, 2020

Punaluu, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Charles, or Charlie to you. And yes, I am on this path of God’s Love with you all on my journey to the Celestial heavens. Are we not all on this journey? I was listening earlier as you had talked about me, mentioned me, the lower spirits, and the higher spirits and angels. It is important for the welfare of your soul to tune in to that which will lift you up, bring joy. The frequency of joy is a higher vibration than the frequency of sadness. Laughter is such good medicine. This much I knew and still do know.

This Love we all seek and pray for, if you want true happiness and joy and bliss, this is the path - the path of prayer and meditation. There are those who teach going within, and I have had some experience with this. As you all know when you ask for God’s Love you shall receive, when you knock the door is opened. This going within and this small still voice which you hear people talk about is real.

You know when God and the angels come, they come through your soul which is within and yes, they come from without. So you can go within and allow God to open that door so that the angels may speak and in fact this is the door through which I am speaking to you now - the door of your soul.

If you wish to know what is worthy of your attention, of your focus, what will bring you true happiness and change you forever it is opening up to God’s Love. This you know and I know it too. I come and join you to encourage you to seek the highest, to use joy as your measure and true happiness in your soul and your hearts delight on your journey to the kingdom of God’s love and for all your days on the earth. May they be blessed with happiness and joy and may you all do a little dance every once in a while, I won’t tell.

I love you and I am your brother on the path of Divine Love. Much joy to each one. God bless you. I am Charles.