Messages 2020

Two British spiritualists are on the Divine Love Path

July 18th, 2020

Punaluua, Hawaii. U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Arthur Conan Doyle. I come in the love of God, in the company of Angels and with my friend Rev George Vale Owen1 who was the finest medium I knew while on earth.

As we make our progression through the world of spirit to the fountainhead of God’s love we traverse the spheres and follow our guidance. In the longings that we hold to be transformed in love we are guided by those who came before us in light and in love and we make this the cornerstone of our walk.

We had knowledge received through the angels of this progression and the great divinity of Master Jesus whose light is so effulgent as to be blinding to those who cannot see with their souls yet. When he comes the atmosphere is filled with light and a pervading love that can only be Divine. We are drawn and the longings in our hearts and the depth of our souls wish for this love. And those Celestial angels who come through to the earth plane and bring the truth of this progression and the transformation in love Divine and in oneness to our Creator, they are drawn by your prayers. We are drawn by this love. I come with so many others to bless this group and to bestow our love in God to all. Thank you my dear brothers and sisters in the Grace of God. I am Arthur Conan Doyle.

Note 1 Rev George Vale Owen delivered one of the finest series of books on life after death that I have come across. (Geoff Cutler)