Messages 2020

We are with You on this Journey

July 29thth, 2020

Punaluu, Hawaii, U.S.A

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here your sister in Christ, Clare of Assisi

I come as promised when you gather, whenever I can be with you I shall be. And I was with one earlier today as he was exploring the sisters who have carried on the tradition that I started. And as he could see and was surprised that despite their being very Catholic and having a lot of dogma their main focus was God’s love, praying for God’s love. And I would say this is the reason they have lasted and carried on in so many countries. Whenever a sister is drawn to God and the riches of His love and does not feel satisfaction from all the material things of the world, the soul seeks a way to be in communion with its Creator. And those on the path of Catholicism, many of those have been drawn to my beloved Francis’ group of Friars and to the Poor Clare’s, my sisters. You should know we guide them and we accompany them in their prayers and in their joy. For the most part they are a very happy joyous community.

My three kind mice and my dear brother (MW) who is moved in his soul to join, I welcome you. And I know your grandmother, she too followed the path of God’s love and the roses and walked barefoot upon the earth and cared for the homeless and the poor. And though she would be perceived as secular she would be considered a living convent (cloister) for so much her time as was ours and mine dedicated to prayer. All the miracles and blessings and glorious spiritual phenomena that accompanied her life and mine as well were a result of our prayers, no matter the tradition. We are lifted up beyond the traditions, beyond many of the beliefs into the truth of God’s love and its transforming power. This you know. This you feel. And we come to be in this prayer with you. We feel the love in your hearts, we see the longings in your souls and so many are drawn to your circles, yes even this little circle. There are many here and I wish to thank you all for taking the time to come together bringing your prayers to the Heavenly Father to receive His love and guidance which we are always delighted to give. We are yours in light and love and in the Grace of God and in His wondrous blessings. Please know we are with you on your journey on this path to the Celestial realms which you have chosen.

May God bless you every step of the way. You have our love and blessings in His Grace. We are your sisters in Christ, Clare and Care. God bless you.