Messages 2020

What Part will you Choose to Play?

October 7th, 2020

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here the poet Hafiz. Surprise Surprise! I came because of what you were all discussing about the ‘real’, of being in your feelings. When you read my poems and my writings they are filled with an abundance of feeling for God. The Presence of God, the Beloved, the only romance truly worth pursuing. And this one, my brother, he quite likes many of my poems, but when he is concerned he thinks of this very short one. In the English language it goes something like this: “Now that worry has proved to be such an un-lucrative business, why not find a better job.” Of course, this is only a fragment but it also a great truth. For when has worry ever brought a blessing. Prayer will bring a blessing, in faith, in trust.

It’s God’s show and yet we are all in it, in His theater, characters each one of us. So what part will you choose to play? What do you wish to bring to the audience and how to you wish to honor the Creator of the play? If you go in Faith, in the knowing that you can be at One with your Creator in love, if you will trust this process, you will find yourself in the glorious ballroom of the Universe dancing with the Beloved to the most beautiful music in color and in light beyond any spectrum on earth. This is your future. This is worth the price of admission. Beyond whatever you have spent, will be your reward; never ending love, and the bliss and joy of the Creators Grace!

Thank you for allowing me to come through as I should like to do more often and I wish all of you a great blessing in God’s Love, as we all do. I am your brother and friend and yes, I am a Celestial friend in God’s love, in His Kingdom. I am Hafiz.