Messages 2020

When God touches the soul there are no barriers

March 18th, 2020

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am your brother in God’s love, Yogananda. Dear friends I too wish to share some thoughts on prayer (Augustine had given a message through Al Fike on prayer) and the desire of each one of you to come together in prayer despite people being quarantined around the world. Due to the wonderful technology that is available to you you are able to come together. From one point of view you might think that there is a great disparity between one culture and another, one belief, one religion and another.

And yet when you see people come together to enjoy the food of a different culture whatever language barriers whatever cultural barriers they think may exist dissolve. This is true with music and art and even the technology that spans the globe now. During my time on earth I was very interested in other cultures and seeking knowledge, seeking truth, and i wrote about this so of course you may know. I would be with some beautiful soul in another country and though we did not speak the same language we would come together in prayer in the Grace of God and whatever differences we supposed that we had were gone. We needed no interpreter for the joy and the oneness we felt in our prayer. Certainly this is on a spiritual level, the level of soul, for I could say if you only pray with your mind in words you could come together with that vibration with different cultures but when the heart opens and God touches the soul with grace with love there are no barriers.

Prayer is a bridge connecting the earth plane to the heavens. Your prayers that long for the Essence of the Creator for God’s great love are a bridge of light connecting the celestial heavens .. all the spheres in-between and the earth plane. It is a wonder to behold even from this Celestial realm where wonders never cease. The longings in your souls truly have created a bridge of light and love. I wish for each one of you transformation in the great love of God. And though I came from a different culture are we not One in the Grace of God. My beautiful friends .. what a gift!

May God bless you and transform you each one. I am your brother and friend, Yogananda.