Messages 2020

White Eagle comes to Offer Healing

March 29th, 2020

Punaluua, Hawaii. U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here White Eagle

I come to offer you a healing that your hearts be not troubled. In my time on earth we relied on the Great Spirit, The Creator, God, for our spiritual sustenance and we had faith in the Creator who had provided us with a beautiful earth to sustain our bodies. It was not a perfect existence but when it was peaceful we knew the harmony of existence with the Great Spirit and His creations. We traded with others although we did not use what you would call money, more we bartered. When the tribes were in harmony it was a beautiful thing.

Those of us who relied on the Creator who opened up our souls and that part of the soul that can see beyond, we had visions. Some had visions of the events that are occurring now for even then we saw the ways of some were not sustainable. This one who I am speaking through … he has dreamed of the great White Buffalo and it has stunned him. But I come to offer him reassurance that this is a most auspicious and beautiful dream of protection and realization and strength.

I come bringing you this energy and the Love of God. I wish to encourage you all to continue your journey in prayer to the Great One. To stay connected in your souls, that the love in your souls will guide you through these times as we will. This you know deep down. And as it has been revealed to you that these times would be upon you, we encourage you as a community to be in harmony with the earth that your bodies may be sustained that you may come into harmony with each other. This is what the Creator envisions for humanity , spiritual community and Oneness with Him in His love. This you know It is great!

Be not afraid, have Faith, walk in Faith… breathe in God’s love and exhale the darkness, the fear; whatever separates you. Keep your hearts open that your souls may be touched. I am so happy that this one stepped forward and allowed me to speak to you. Our love and our hearts are with you all. You are the blessed children of the Creator on earth.

I embrace you in love as your brother .. I am White Eagle and a disciple of the Master. God bless you.