Messages 2020

You Can Indeed Dispel the Darkness

January 7th, 2020

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Yogananda. My dear friends who have gathered here on this raft of prayer in an ocean of madness led by your soul’s desire to rise above the storms and the fires and the conditions of your world. If it was possible to become enlightened, as they say, by reading all the books and listening the right music, hearing the messages, and having all your ducks in a row, you would be enlightened already. But you have found that asking for the Love of God to be in your soul is the path, the Path of Light and lighting your soul because you humbled yourself before God and opened your heart that God would touch your soul. What a blessed thing. So I thank you for heeding the call to prayer.

I say, if the world shall break your heart, do not despair. Because a broken heart can become opened like a rose in God’s Love. What was once a bud can bloom. Take this Love into the world, this beautiful fragrance that you are so blessed to have in your souls.

I know that this period of time seems overwhelmingly difficult and challenging. Can you indeed dispel the darkness? Yes, indeed you can and you will and we shall be there with you. Stay on this path and transformation will be yours, enlightenment will be yours, the Love of God will shine from your souls and bless this world so in need.

There are many here with you now embracing each one of you in this beautiful circle. So with all my love and blessings and the Love of God, I leave you with one final thought. Pray, beyond your mind from the very depths of your souls with all your heart and the Kingdom will be yours. May you go in God’s Grace.

I am your brother and friend, Yogananda.