Messages 2020

You cannot Rage against the Darkness but you can Embrace all in the Light

October 12th, 2020

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here George Gurdjieff, a true disciple of the master and your brother in Christ. When your soul awakens and begins to see the pervasiveness of sleep and darkness upon your planet it is indeed horrific at first glance. As you allow the love Divine and the light of God’s grace to come into your soul you will influence other beings. The vision of your soul is beyond the spectrum of the earth plane and yet you must engage with those locked into the material world. In fact it is easy to perceive what events might transpire by looking at the conditions of those who are influencing events upon the earth. In a sense you can be prophetic and see the coming of war, unrest, instability, and yet, as you send your love and higher spiritual thoughts out into the atmosphere broadcasting from your soul, which has the grace of God, you have a greater effect than all the armies on earth.

This time has been perfectly coordinated in the heavens to for you to engage in love. And when confronted with that which is not loving, continue to broadcast love, continue to speak truth, continue to act in kindness. For you cannot rage against the darkness but you can embrace all in the light. This is what is called an outward sign of Grace. You who walk this path in the love of God and all of us who accompany you, support you, influence you on your journey, we will not allow failure because love, the love of God is the very essence of Creation. Being out of harmony is only a moments distraction. It is only the material mind influencing the actions. So I encourage you to pray, to act from your soul in love, and change this world. Not only as a disciple of the master but as a beloved child of God. What else could I wish for you?

May you go in God’s grace today and bless all. I am your brother and friend in the Celestial kingdom of God’s Love. I am George Gurdjieff.