Messages 2020

Your Will and God’s Will

December 18th, 2020

Punaluu, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Aunty Eileen, your sister in Christ. I wish to say a few things about free will and the will of God. You may wish to reflect on how many times you use the expression “I will” or “I will not”. For instance, when you are asked to do a task, one that you enjoy and something you are looking forward to, you say: “Yes, I will be there”.

Of course, in contrast to that is having to, or being asked to do things that you do not enjoy or feel will benefit you, especially in a positive way and so given the opportunity you will not do them or attend to them. This is all of course within the realm of your earth lives.

Because you seek the Kingdom and to be at-one with your Creator, your will is to pray and to be opened to God’s Love, the reception of which puts you in His Will, hence the saying that “Thy will be done not mine”. It may be assumed that this means losing ones’ free will, since it is given over to the Creator, but in fact it is aligning your free will with the laws of harmony, the law of love, and every law of the Creator’s, which when adhered to, brings complete harmony and peace as we wish for the world.

When you align your will with the Will of God in prayer for His Love, you have transcended the world and the earthly laws and now you are at one in love with your Maker. As you grow in this Love, or let me say, as it grows in your soul, you see more and more the oneness of creation, but also the workings of God’s Love, His will, His grace, His mercy, His gifts to anyone and every soul that opens to them.

This path you have chosen is indeed the bridge to eternity, to immortality, to the Celestial heavens. You have chosen well my beautiful friends. May your prayers during this season be felt around the earth in celebration of the birth of the master who brought the truth of Divine Love, the great gift of the Father to the world. Be joyous, do not fear, for God loves you. We all do. I am your sister and friend, Aunty Eileen. May God bless you.