Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Advice for Teachers of the Padgett Study Group

May 9th, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here your brother James Padgett. I shall try and give you a very simple example of the grace of God. Who can explain the stories of the roses? And yet, you know it is a sign. It is a confirmation of the soul’s connection with its Creator. It is living proof of communication from the spirit world. Because you pray, the signs you receive come from the Celestial heavens.

The mind will always seek answers and yet the soul simply knows. Those who come to this group with all their questions are sincere, and so you may give them sincere answers. Whether those answers are from the messages I received, which are certainly comprehensive enough, or whether you wish add personal examples or information that is more contemporary, feel free. For the truth is the truth and is it not the soul’s longings and the transformation of each soul that is really at the heart of this matter?

The happiness that lifts you all above this world, that joy that can hardly be expressed in language. So, when you wish to present the essential truths remember the word essential comes from essence. The essential truth being God’s Love. If you keep this in the forefront and speak with your heart the truths of the soul will supercede the doubts of the mind. For the soul sitting in Grace is something to behold. Remember what your purpose is and what you truly wish to give each one that comes. This is all that is necessary, all you will need. The rest we will take care of and guide you. Have no worries for in the love of God, in the flow of His grace, questions will dissolve into the light of day, into the truths of God’s Kingdom. I shall be there with you. Now and always I am your brother and humble servant and friend in Christ, I am James Padgett. God bless you.