Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Comprehending God

June 8nd, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

It is I your brother and humble servant, James Padgett. I have been listening today to the readings and the intense discussion the topic “Who and What is God?” with excerpts being taken from the messages I had received from Jesus and the Celestials.

I would say that as to what I received, one cannot comprehend the Creator intellectually and even the Master himself pointed out the paucity of words to be able to describe God and His attributes. And yet reading between the lines one can perceive that as the soul, in its longings to unite with its Creator receives the Essence of the Creator, it can indeed understand the Great Being of God.

Even those who rely on science to explain the world at large and the universe cannot get further than the Big Bang or the source behind the spark behind the bang or the idea that God, The Supreme Creator, is without beginning or end. Or even how you are existing in the world, breathing, living, and having these longings to be loved, to connect with your Creator.

So everything that has been said today has come down to the connection of your soul to the Great Soul. The result of which is receiving the Essence of God defined as love, Divine Love. Thus you begin to experience the transformation from the mortal to the immortal, from the human and the natural to the eternal and the Divine. This is experienced as love, the emanations of the great Soul of God touching every soul; inexplicable, unexplainable, and yet a tangible reality and the truth.

I wish to thank you all for coming together to study what I have received so long ago. I am honored, and I hope that these messages I received, many which were incomprehensible to my mind, but eventually transparent to my soul, will benefit you all. They are only a template, the rest is up to you, and your longings, for God will respond. This is the path of joy and true happiness above and beyond the earth plane. Come and join us in God’s Love. For we are all His children. With all my love gratitude and the blessings of all here, I shall step back. I am James Padgett. May God bless you.