Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Continue to Bring this Light into the World

June 14th, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

It is I George Gurdjieff. I was born in the 19th century in a place that is now in Armenia but then was part of the Russian Empire and a crossroads between Czarist Russia and the Ottoman Empire and Armenian and Greek Christianity. I was brought up in the Greek-Armenian Christian tradition but as a young man I hungered for the truth. In my travels I met sufis, and monks, and fakirs, and ascetics, and I visited schools of very ancient traditions whose goal was to connect those who came to the Presence of God, the Love of God. I had an awakening experience which left me in a state I should say of constant awareness, constant prayer. I did not wish to be put away in a monastery or cave somewhere as I had learned from some of my teachers to live in the world but to be not of it.

I saw the pervasiveness of sleep and all the self-gratification and self-satisfaction and lust for power that comes with that. So, at some point at the very beginning of what is called the Russian Revolution, I took a number of refugees, including family members to France. And it was there where I started the Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man. Now I suppose you are wondering where I am going with this, and I wish to say this. That from everything I had learned and from my own awakening, and having the love of Christ in my soul, I worked to distract my students from their distractions. To bring them to a place where they could open their hearts, regardless of what they were engaged in, and connect to God. We in the Celestial realms see the struggles of those who live in the world, and we see the longings and desires of those who wish to rise above it and live in love, live in God, as those those in this circle do.

The conventional religions developed rituals to remind people of God, of love, of their distance, and bring their consciousness and focus from distraction to prayer. I could see by my time, which extended into the 20th century, that what began as a wonderful way to wake up had become empty ritual with all the trappings of spiritual materialism, albeit with some exceptions. So therefore, since you do not live in a Monastery or a temple or a cave, this is your challenge.

You have chosen to come into this sanctuary and open your hearts that God may bring His essence into each of your souls. This is a wonder to behold. I was drawn to your circle by the prayer of my spiritual grandson and by the longing in each soul and the light I could see emanating. Do no despair, stay in your prayer and continue to bring this light into the world. For there are a multitude in this realm of light and love, the realm of Christ, that supports you, and influences you. Thank you for allowing me to come. I shall step back to be in your blessing. May God shower you with love Divine. I am your brother in Christ, George Gurdjieff. Go in peace.