Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Creating a Sanctuary

October 18th, 2021

Gibsons B.C., Canada

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I wish to continue my discourse on creating sanctuary and if I may, expand on that topic. I have talked about the importance of creating a safe place, a quiet place, a place where you can be vulnerable, trust in the angels, and open to God’s love. And for some it is easy to do and for others especially with those with families or with others living in their abode it can be more challenging. As this circle brings you into harmony with the love of God, in the flow of Grace I encourage you again to make a place where you can go to God. If you cannot find one in your home or where you dwell, try and go into nature as our brother Francis did in God’s creation, where it is safe, where it is easy to connect. I wish to remind you that convenience is quite often harmful in the long run. In a world where so many things are disposable and yet do not biodegrade, where the chemicals in your foods, what comes through your media and the all the negativity is so easy to get caught up in and not even recognize. It is when you should go into prayer and give your heart to God and He touches your soul. The real challenge is remaining in that state when the world comes in.

This group of beautiful souls is very conscious of the condition of the earth, of the materialism that is so prevalent with greed and power and all these things that have created a vortex that is not filled with light and yet in this circle and in all these circles of prayer these lattices of light the Grace of God outshines the world, and shines a light in the darkness. Sometimes it may appear overwhelming these conditions of the world over and against your hearts and your souls longings to be healed, to bestow a blessing upon this world. But I tell you this, one soul walking in the Grace of God, radiating love outshines an army of darkness, one soul! So when you take this love into the world, it is felt however unseen, and in fact, there is no need to measure whether you are affecting a situation. It is enough to pray, it is enough to wish a blessing on everyone, it is enough to feel God’s love even for your enemies and those who cannot see, that do not understand. Your consciousness of God shines a light on the world, on every soul. So take heart.

There is that saying you all know “the darkest hour is just before the dawn”. You are the dawn so keep the light on, shining in the darkness as a new day arrives. If you wish to stay in God’s love in His grace in this communion all you need to do is pray. this does not require words when the soul reaches out in humbleness in deep desire and in faith knowing that God responds and knows your intention in every moment. This is important. The time has come for you who are blessed to step out in the light and let it shine. You have a multitude of Celestial angels at your beck and call. Have Faith and expect a miracle. Walk in God’s love with me, with all of us here. Our loving Creator loving all, blessing all, embracing all, All Loving and Merciful and Holy, We praise you. I am your brother and friend in the love of God and I love you. God bless you. I am Yogananda.