Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Dealing with Threats of Harm

February 17th, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here your brother and friend in the grace and peace of God. May His love be showered upon you.

These questions about violence, conflict, those who are out of harmony, who use the Bible or other books to defend acts of aggression - this has been made clear in my writings through Hans but most especially in the writings that James Padgett received and the words of the Master himself both in the Gospels and in contemporary revelations.

I wish to say that when things started to get difficult for us, and I mean the master and those of us who were his disciples and followers, although he always spoke from his heart, from his soul, in ways that all could understand, he often removed himself from situations of impending violence for the sake of our safety and his own.

I tell you this because while you are reading and understanding how important it is to speak the truth, to stand up and be counted, it is also important to recognize when you are up against a brick wall as they say, and to remove yourself from a situation of impending harm, most especially physically, but I shall say including verbal abuse or other forms of negativity which make it difficult for your physical presence to be there.

First pray, ask God for protection, to put a bubble of love around you to send out and radiate the love in your souls. Yes, first do this. And I may say this is why we always encourage prayer and constant awareness of God and His love, His Grace, His Will, and the harmonious flow that goes with your uniting with God and His love and all those blessings of His. First, do this, and then if what you are being confronted with does not recognize that state of your being and the wish for peace, your emanations of love, your words, then yes, remove yourself to a safe place until things calm down. The master did this, so you know it is good advice and true.

May you all continue to find truth and sustenance in your readings, diverse as they may seem, and yet progressive on the path to the Celestial kingdom showing the way in God’s love. How can I wish you anything but this? May God bless you with a great inflowing if His love, as you open your heart, that God may touch your soul. I am your brother and friend in Christ, and I love you. I am Judas of Kerioth. Go in peace. Go in Peace.