Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Depictions of the Spirit World in Film

June 7th, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Judas, your brother in the Divine Love. I wish to address the questions of the dear sister about the film she saw and its depiction of the spirit world, the hells and changes, and so forth. (“What Dreams May Come”)

I am aware of that film, and I must say that it was inspired not only by spiritualist writings but by a certain amount of influence from the spirit world, although not the Celestial spheres.

It does show some of what one experiences when crossing over into spirit especially when one suddenly finds themselves there. It addresses the innocent and a realm that they would go to and pictures that realm satisfactorily. As for the hells, well there aren’t flames and boats and some of those things that were used as visual depictions to give you an idea of what a soul would feel like to be in hell.

Certainly, the author and the filmmaker got their point across. And also, the idea that one could progress from hell, the idea of a soulmate and having love, the idea of travel, and by earth standards, a peek into the beauty and harmony of the lighter spheres, although this depiction is mostly about purification and redemption in the natural love.

It was groundbreaking, as is this newer movie, an animation called “Soul”, which does give one a sense of being out of the physical body in a realm of light, though again, these realms of spirit are very much lower spheres with some light in them. One could say that from the earth plane to maybe the second sphere is depicted.

And yet, since humans have almost no conception of life in spirit these films are valuable and give the audience a sense of being without a human body but still alive and with a sense of progression in love. I will say this, that if the writers, and the director, and the makers of the film “What Dreams May Come” were aware of the Divine Love, there would be a sequel of progression to the Celestial heavens and the same with this movie Soul. But those very well meaning and loving individuals who presented those films simply have no knowledge of higher realms and transformation from the human to the Divine.

It is my wish, and the wish of many here, that those of you who are creative, will bring this vision to fruition through film and other media as you do in song or poetry. Let the truth be seen. I think I have addressed this issue to some extent but if you have further questions, I will be happy to answer them with the help of my brother here. Until then go in God’s love and Grace. Pray! May God bless you. I am Judas.