Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Walk in Grace! It is simple

March 22nd, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Francis. May the great peace of God’s love be upon you. May His Holy Spirit bring His Love into every soul. May the healing balm of grace and the vibration of Divine Love permeate each one here, that each one may be lifted above their concerns, above their doubt, above their troubles. May we be in our souls so that God may touch us. For there is no earthly pleasure to compare with the joy and the blessing of God’s Love.

I know this because I lived in the world, the material world, and I experienced much of the pleasures of this world as well as the destruction of war and the riches that could be had, but none of it brought me happiness. So, I let go and I let God touch me. And I listened to the birds and befriended the animals in the forest and walked the earth free of all the baggage, all the material things that I had found no pleasure in, and I rejoiced in my poverty because the treasures of the spirit were beyond measure.

My brothers and I, as you know, prayed and sang and then we prayed some more. We worked in simple ways and we gave our lives in service to God, in service to humanity, asking God to bless each one, to heal each one. We were up against the world and there was much darkness but the light that emanated from our souls, from the soul of God continues to emanate from every soul that goes with humility and opens to God’s Love as you have done, letting His Will be done.

Walk in Grace! It is simple. In fact, it is so simple, it appears to be difficult. There is nothing that is required except the longing in your soul to be free, to be changed, to feel the Love and the Light of God’s Grace, given freely, and most beautifully in this loving circle of prayer, this circle of light.

I shall join you now in silent prayer along with so many others who are with you. We love you and you have our blessings and the great blessing of The Creator. Go in Peace. Go in Peace. I am Francis.