Contemporary Messages From Spirit

What if an Angel came to your House

July 9th, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Robert J. Lees. I’ve been listening to your discussion today and all of its considerations reflecting on what I received.1 Aphraar was trying to paint a very broad picture so that each soul in its own way, could understand not only the workings of free will, but also willful ignorance, for God does not punish. Humans make their own beds and God waits for them to awaken and arise from the dream of death, from the ravages of sin, into the light of His love and compassion and the glorious journey through the spheres, to the fountainhead of His love and Grace.

To read these writings with your souls is all that is required. It is not necessary to overthink these things and in fact, the language they are written in is designed to throw off the mind to a certain extent, so that the soul may grasp the deeper meaning of the truths presented. Isn’t that wonderful? It was a great gift to me and as I have said and I am more than delighted that you are sharing it with each other and wish to share it with others.

The picture I received of the spirit world gave me great hope and lifted me from fear into faith. Brought me into my soul from a curious mind to the peace of God’s Grace. So again, I thank you, I am with you, and I hope I have provided some guidance on what you have read today.

I wish to say as well, that it is fine to look back on one’s errors and not repeat them, for that is a lesson learned. But how great is it to envision the future in each moment as you walk in the light of the Lord in the Grace of God, in the Peace that passes human understanding, in faith and forgiveness, in truth and trust, in joy and jubilation. This is God’s wish for all.

My dear friends it is my honor as well as my joy to be with you. May God continue to open up each of your souls to the great gift of His love and its inflowing that you may be the light and the love in this world, so in need. Pray and be happy for God loves you as I do. I am Robert J. Lees, your brother and friend in the love of God.

Note 1 Referring to The Life Elysian, Chapter 6, pages 79-84.