Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Encouragement to Finish Projects

October 22nd, 2021

Gibsons B.C., Canada

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I wish to begin by expressing my gratitude for those who watch over and care for my beloved. Let me say we are both very grateful. He is a resilient soul and determined but I think he would admit he has no stomach for the business side of things and yet he has the deep desire to promote the Truth. More specifically the Truths of God’s Love and the transformation of the soul. I know he is conflicted in this as he feels one is contradictory of the other. You know, in the film “The Field of Dreams”, the one statement people took away was, “Build it and they will come” and of course in the film they came. So, I would say you are building something that is of eternal importance.

If one of you had discovered a cure for cancer, would you not shout it from the rooftops? Would you not do your best to bring it out to the public? And so, you have discovered the immortality of the soul in God’s Love. I discovered this and it gave me great courage because I knew I had something that was golden, that transcended the world yet could heal it. When I was in God’s Love on Earth, I was willing to walk on water and I so wished to serve as I continue to. So along with Sir Arthur, I wish to offer my encouragement with the addition of saying do not be concerned of the outcome. As you let go and let God Touch you this is God’s business. All you need to do is finish the work you wish to do and because it carries truth know in your soul as a river finds its way to the sea your work will find its way to the many.

I encourage you each day do a little bit as your brother Al has suggested and your work and the work of many will reach the great sea of humanity, shining a light that so needs to bless this world. I love you. I am with you and I thank my sisters and all for watching over my dear Jimbeau. I am Care.