Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Every Soul is Unique

June 8nd, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Care. I have been with you today and so much enjoyed the harmony that ensued between my family both biological and spiritual.

I am touched by your movement towards the fount of God’s Love, your willingness to receive, your openness to sharing your gifts, and allowing them to be revealed ever more so beautifully in the days ahead. For the world cannot have too much love and it so needs peace and wisdom, however you wish to share. For as every soul is unique, every souls’ gifts are unique.

And just as some like a particular kind of music or food or clothing or architecture or literature and so on, some will respond accordingly to each one of your gifts. Do not hide them in the closet, please. For if someone brought you the most delicious meal you would want them to set it at the table. And, as we sit at the table of God’s love and as you pray to be in His Grace and Presence and the company of us Celestials, you perceive and feel the Oneness of the Divine Love family and the transformed children of God.

I tell you what awaits you is truly beyond your wildest dreams with happiness, such happiness and such joy. I am delighted to be able to come and speak to you, for you are all dear to me, and I hold my grandson close, and my sisters in the love of God with my beloved. As you walk into the future evermore in His grace, you will witness more and more the manifestations, the Divine manifestations, and the Presence, the Holy Presence of the Creator Who longs to embrace you and is always ready to welcome you and bless you.

Thank you for allowing me to come through. I wish you all the love, all the blessings and all the happiness your souls can receive in the love of God. I love you. I am Care. God bless you.