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April 15th, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

It is your brother James Padgett and I come in the Love and the Grace of God. First of all, let me express my deep gratitude for this coming together, so to speak, on my behalf, for honouring my life, and my work. May it bless you all.

There is one thing that becomes obvious when discussing the gifts of any one person especially those who can write profound books, beautiful songs of love, and poems that touch your heart. These individuals who bring their gifts are often very flawed from the point of the view of the world, as one that may have a great gift but maybe is not such a great person. I don’t mean to say or suggest that those who bring gifts who inspire people are evil, no, we see that they, as I was, are just human.

I encourage all of you to explore your gifts to know that you are worthy and to step forward in truth. As you can see that even I, with all the messages that came through me, had a reluctance to share them with the world, concerned about besmirching my reputation and yet I did have a gift. These truths that I received are just as true now as they were when I received them. So, find what resonates with your heart, with each soul because your longing is more than a quest for information, more than an intellectual understanding. It is the deep longing of every soul, to be loved, and on this path, to receive the Great Love of Creator, given to every soul that asks, and as the master said, in sincere faith, in earnest aspiration. So let your hearts soar in the knowing that you have discovered a great treasure. And also know that as you honour me you bring transformation to yourselves in the Love of God.

I shall be with you in your studies supporting each one and I shall guide and influence as I can and when necessary. Lastly, know that I am not the same James as when on Earth for I am a redeemed soul transformed in the Love of God and the Celestial Heavens. I come to you with all my love and blessings in the Grace of God. Thank you. May God Bless you.