Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Follow the Joy

July 22nd, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

It is I, Care. May the Love of God bless each one of you and bring you peace.

I walked barefoot upon the earth whenever I could to be grounded. For at times, I felt I would be drawn up, my prayers so intense, my longing so deep. Nature was my church, for it was not the creation of man but of God. I had these gifts, as did my mother and grandmother, psychic gifts, you would call them.

In my case, because I discovered the path of Divine Love, the truth of it and the great happiness that lifted me up above all of my concerns, my sorrows, my trials and tribulations, to the great joy, it so became my passion that I always wished to spend time in prayer with the angels, and I would ask others to allow me to do this, and I was so very happy when they would join in.

As I received this grace, my gifts became like a flower opening, with the fragrance of a rose in bloom. As my beloved here knows, when you open to the Love of God, miracles happen, and often in the most ordinary of circumstances. For God works not only in mysterious ways, but sometimes, in quite obvious ones, and yes, He has a sense of humor. I was open to all kinds of experiences in the natural world, although I wouldn’t say I was well versed in theology or philosophy. My wisdom was more homespun. And yet, what I could give others, what I could share with them, was Divine.

I would say to my dear grandson,1 whatever you pursue, whatever curiosities you wish to explore, be sure they bring you joy. You can always ask: “Does this feel right, does this feel like love, or a distraction? Does this lift my soul with delight and ecstasy, or does it just bring me to ponder?” This is the human condition, and I say this to you dear one, that you are curious and open and exploring, which is a wonderful thing. I would never discourage you from such pursuits.

All I ask is that you keep in your heart the highest pursuit of happiness and joy. For then, you know that the path you are taking has been well chosen. Follow your heart on the path of Divine Love and you will never be disappointed. Thank you for listening today and allowing me to come.

I was observing with Clare,2 and we decided who would speak, and it was felt that a more personal message was in order. But we have surrounded you in Love. We are filled with joy. We will continue, the many of us, to influence and inspire and support you in the Love of God. I love you. I am Care, God Bless you.

Note 1 Care’s grandson was present

Note 2 Clare of Assisi