Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Go in Peace, Be not Troubled

July 13th, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Francis, your brother in God’s love. My dear brothers, I tell you this. When you spend the time in prayer to our Heavenly Father and receive the gift, the great gift of His Love, you rise above all the things of the world that otherwise would trouble you, even death. Be not afraid my brothers. Walk and speak and sing in the grace of God, in His love.

In God’s Love we recognize all as our brothers and our sisters, for all are His children. As is said, and as you know, He is no respecter of whether one is rich or poor, male or female, this or that. My brothers and I worked with many souls of all persuasions; the hungry, the homeless, the rich, the powerful, men, women, children. For our fervent prayers opened our hearts to all in the Love of God.

So, go in peace, be not troubled. You, my brothers, are blessed to have the truth and you carry the great gift in your souls. Nothing can harm you because your souls have dipped into the eternal life in God’s Love. Peace, peace, be with you. All my love. I am your eternal friend, Francis from Assisi, now an inhabitant of the Celestial heavens. God bless you.