Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Go Within and allow God to Open your Soul

April 20th, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here your sister and friend, Eileen Caddy. All prayers that arise from the soul, spoken from the heart reach the soul of God.

I wish to clarify something that I know you are all curious about. When I constantly asked or rather the words that came through me from God asked to go “within”, please know the place that was being referred to is the soul. And, if you follow the words that I received, going into the soul, going into the heart is imperative and then opening up as I received many times in words that you have all read, to the infilling and inflowing of God’s Divine Love. These are the true elements of prayer and those were and remain my templates. You dear ones have recognized this, whereas this truth as I received it has been somewhat obscured or even lost to many.

I believed in many things in my life but always I had a firm foundation of going in prayer to God. At Findhorn we adopted a kind of pantheism, a belief that God was in everything. And more so perhaps this was felt by my friend Dorothy and my husband Peter who worked in the gardens and described what they called as interactions with elementals. This is the consciousness of plants and it is real just as the consciousness of animals and the heightened senses that they have of smell and of hearing are real.

Humans, who are blessed with souls have the possibility of a higher consciousness. Because they have very developed brains, which is the organ of the mind, humans are easily distracted by their intellectual pursuits and with their bodies so they often give primacy to their animal nature with physical pursuits and pleasures. When this is in balance with the longings of the soul, it can create a beautiful harmony. So my pantheism was more, if I may say, a belief that all things were one in the sense that they were all created from one source, God.

The foundation of Findhorn, which you are more than well aware of, was one of prayer and guidance every step of the way. It has been written about and it has been set into words available to all who wish to read them. What I received and how that guidance was followed, and acted upon by those who came, and what was accomplished and built and our harmony with nature and our awareness of the consciousness of plants combined with our prayers for guidance, created a sanctuary, a sacred place that became a portal of light and was honored.

As time went on, having accomplished all these things, the focus became more on ecology, on science and on going within, yes, but with a certain hubris, a pride of accomplishment and lack of humility. No longer going to God in humility but just going within to that place of calm and peace which is often assumed to be a connection with God when in fact it is connection with creation, wonderful as that is but not Divine.

So there may be those who wonder at the recent fires and the horrific destruction of the sanctuary and the community center at Findhorn. They may wonder did God take them out (the Sanctuary and Community centre) because they were no longer places of prayer? Was it because the Divine connection was lost and so in a sense God somehow destroyed them? The answer is no. We all know that God is a God of love and whether those who live there believe in God, or believe they are god, or do not believe, God loves all His children and would never bring such destruction upon them.

However I will say this, that when things become out of harmony, even in the realm of secular humanism or ecology, there is no longer the protection of the Celestial Angels when they are not called upon. The cloak of protection that God provides to those who seek oneness with Him in His love, is not there. And so there was a distance created that permitted an environment that was open to attack and the motives of one who sought to destroy. This act of arson found a doorway and without protection, the beautiful sanctuary and community center were destroyed.

The community there now asks for help financially. And the world that is aware of these events will have a great outpouring of love and sympathy. It is my hope that the rebuilding will include asking for guidance from God and the Angels, those of us here in the Celestial realm. So far we do not see it or hear it but we are here and are always ready to assist. It is our deep desire that from the ashes Findhorn will rise as a Phoenix on the wings of Divine Love and Grace.

My dear ones, thank you for listening to my long message and I thank this one. I am pleased with the reception. You are beautiful souls and I love you and thank you. May God bless you and May God bless my dear Findhorn and the earth and all souls with His love. Go in Peace. I am your sister in Christ, Eileen Caddy.